Jerry Norton and Peter Conti Mentor Financial Group Partners

Posted by Admin - September 30th, 2011

Jerry Norton and Peter Conti are partners in Mentor Financial Group, LLC, an investing company that will joint venture by mentoring you and then splitting the profits on deals they help you with. It’s an interesting combination of talents as Peter has been investing since 1990 and Jerry got started in 2005, so you get one of them who’s seen it all and another one who has never invested in an up real estate market.

Peter and Jerry connected when he was struggling with some of the changes in the real estate marketplace. He couldn’t believe it when he saw how well Jerry was doing having flipped over 200 houses within a few years of getting started – in one of the worst real estate markets that Peter had ever seen!

Initially, the two of them worked together on a fix and flip training and investing business where they will teach you and provide access to the funding for flipping houses. Their specialty seems to be higher end homes in nice areas as this is less competitive and the profits are bigger per deal.

Now that they are official business partners in Mentor Financial Group they have launched a commercial property flipping business, “Back Flipping” commercial properties. The interesting thing is that they are still taking on new students using the same model of teaching, providing access to funding, and splitting profits.

Jerry’s real estate investing background was that he was working in the construction business putting in underground cables when he decided to change his life by getting started investing in real estate. He knew real estate would be the right path for him after earning $52,000 in his very first month wholesaling lower end homes.

He then quickly advanced from wholesaling properties to doing fix and flips on lower end houses. Jerry was able to ramp up his investing by appealing to investors who wanted to make money investing in real estate but that were not able to find deals or put the time into fixing properties. Jerry’s team did all the work and provided a finished, ready to rent, real estate investment to busy executives.

Next up, Jerry Norton moved up to flipping houses to high end retail buyers. He found that doing more expensive properties was actually easier because there were less problems with break-ins, etc in the nicer areas and when reselling, he was able to find buyers who wanted a completely rehabbed home who could qualify for new financing.

Now, Jerry Norton and Peter Conti are focusing on flipping commercial properties all across the country. They have recently offered to give away about 100 free copies of their Commercial Back Flip TM Blueprint – “How to Flip Commercial Properties and Make $75,000 per Deal Without Owning or Managing Anything”. To get this now, go to

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